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April 4 – 5



There’s never been a more important time, than right now, to elevate the professionalism and success of your wellness business.

Our goal with the revolution event is to TEACH YOU
how to create a Wellness Business that allows you to
dramatically increase your impact, income, and results.

The Wellness Leadership Revolution was created after it became clear to us that…

  • Too many wellness business owners fail to get their message out correctly, and never make the impact (or kind of money) that they are capable of.
  • Too many of us are caught in the ‘swapping time for money’ scenario of selling sessions one at a time and therefore never making the impact that we are capable of. We get stuck at one of three wellness practitioner stages: Survival, Roller Coaster, or Booked Up and Burnt Out!
  • The model that you bought into when you started your business is completely unscalable (seeing one client at a time, caught in a bricks and mortar location and having to turn up everyday so there is never any time for you).
  • Most wellness business owners fall for the common ‘Modality Madness’ myth, thinking the more modalities they’re qualified in the more clients they will see – however it’s not more modality training you need, it’s learning how to package your expertise and magic in a commercially clever way so you can impact lives without needing to ‘be there’.
  • For the past 6 years, we have been working with a select group of wellness business owners, taking them from ‘Roller Coaster’ to ‘Global Empowered Success’ through leverage. We are going to share the very best of what is working for them in the Wellness Leadership Revolution.
  • We’re going to take a very new approach to teaching and learning, and we think you’ll be in for quite a few surprises…


London, ca


Early Bird Price $47
(Normally $150)



April 4 – 5

Early Bird Price $97
(Normally $300)



JUNE 27 – 28

Early Bird Price $97
(Normally $300)



Wellness Leaders Revolution

​Learn about the latest (and future) trends & innovations that will affect the way you practice. Then we’ll show you how to take advantage of these changes and ride the wave, own your own expertise, eradicate competition and future proof your wellness business.

Online Program Framework

​Learn how to find and package your expertise & magic, using the ‘Wellness Journey Framework’ and turn it into a kick ass online program that will start to earning you an automated income stream, even while you travel.

Power Pitch Script

We will show you how to craft a clear, concise & authentic message, using our ‘Power Pitch Formula’, so you can deliver your message in 12 seconds and attract ‘A’ grade clients. We will also show you how to use the ‘Message Matrix’ to craft stunning messaging for your web site.

Social Media Mastery

Get clear about your niche and your ‘A’ grade clients so you can attract the tribe you are here to work with, so you can have a client load and business you love. We will show you how to make the most of social media, which platforms to focus on and how to design a social media strategy using our ‘Content Creator’ system that will allow you to be super efficient with your time.

Mindset Manifestation Formula

They say that 80% of success is mindset, using our ’Success Equation Model’ we will show you the three key ingredients to creating a resonance of abundance that will attract your ideal client, rapidly grow your wellness business and help you prepare for more success.

Multiple Streams of Income

We will show you how to create simple marketing funnels that bring you an abundance of leads that book into your calendar or clinic automatically. Using our 6 figure funnel system to rapidly grow, leverage and automated income in your business.

Global Impact Initiative

We say it is just as hard to build a local practice as it is to build a global practice so why not go global. If helping more people is your goal, then accessing a global community is essential. Using our ‘Global Product Asset System’ global clients are only a simple marketing funnel away.

Brand You Assets

We will show you the key assets you need to build using our ‘Brand You Asset System’ so you can stand out from the crowd, elevate above the competition and been seen as the go to wellness professional in your niche.

Lifestyle Freedom Formula

We will show you how to create a business that wraps around your ideal lifestyle (not the other way round), so you can have more time, location and financial abundance while helping more people and creating a bigger impact on the planet.


Blair scott

“What I loved most was how Marcus and Andy have mastered the art of removing “Sales” from their approach and the program, and how they made finding your essence or your magic, the central focus instead, so that each one of us could tap into what drives us and makes our own approach unique and important.”
Tara Chatterton

Bioenergetic Practitioner, WLR TORONTO, 2016

“Loved the exercises and thoughts. Feeling fueled to implement some ideas. Was given structure to apply to my ideas in order to implement successfully. I already feel more directed in my daily office/client interactions.

I learned valuable processes to apply to my practice.

Thank you!”

Dr. Tara Campbell, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, WLR TORONTO, 2016

“I absolutely love the approach of regaining and being more of YOU (ME)! I have tried to do things from an approach of “what do others want” and have felt out of place and struggling – it doesn’t work.

I posted a quick video on my FB page introducing myself (Cheryl Karthaus) and a sale coming up with products that i’ll be involved with. It was quickly done – using the template you gave us and HOLY COW!!

I have people contacting me asking Naturopathic questions (I redirected them to book an appointment), I had a dozen people share the video and 2 more leads for advertising.

Seriously unbelievable! I’ve had that site for 3 years and never response like that! I was surprised people even watched it! Lol….

It’s an awesome start! And great motivation!!

Thanks guys! For being who you are and helping us all to get there ourselves.”

Cheryl Karthaus

Naturopathic Graduate, WLR TORONTO, 2016


London, ca


Early Bird Price $47
(Normally $150)



April 4 – 5

Early Bird Price $97
(Normally $300)



Having been in this industry for over 30 years combined we’ve seen some rapid changes occur, especially within the last 5 years. We’ve also watched thousands of holistic leaders struggle to succeed or even survive in their chosen modality profession and all while the industry turns over in excess of $4.2 trillion dollars!
The sad fact is, if we fail to specialise and package up our magic, we also fail to reach our local and global tribe, make the difference we’re here to make, and we fall short of becoming the social entrepreneur we know is our potential.

We’ll be unpacking these concepts, along with a whole lot more…

To help you claim your space in this rapidly expanding industry we’re giving away our best training to show you:

  • How to Deliver your Wellness Message in 12 Seconds or Less
  • How to Double your Income in 90 days without Selling
  • How to Launch Your Genius and Work from Anywhere in the World
  • How to Package your Magic & Earn Money While You Sleep
  • How to Create your Intellectual Property and Secure your Financial Future
  • How to Multiply your Income via Coaching, Authoring & Speaking
  • How to Reach your Global Tribe to Make a Much Bigger Difference
  • How to have more Time and Financial Freedom doing More of what you Love


Have you ever wondered why chasing people pushes them away? Whether it’s for business or in relationships people hate to be chased. Imagine if you could attract abundance without the need for chasing. In this video we show you how to share your magic to attract more abundance by implementing this simple funnel strategy called the Funky Freebie.



Kimberley Banfield:

As Head Mentor for WLA, Kimberley’s mission is to support Wellness Practitioners & Leaders to find and fulfil their Soul Purpose in the Wellness Industry.

She naturally creates a safe space for people to uncover, understand and unapologetically be themselves, build their business and make a bigger impact on the planet!

Kimberley has over a decade of experience in the wellness industry and related fields, having had great success as a mentor, holistic practitioner, mindset & soul purpose coach, retreat leader and intuitive advisor.

Marcus Bird:

Marcus’s mission is to move the world to wellness, by teaching empowering and educational information to wellness practitioners & clients, so that they truly make a difference.

As an author, speaker and wellness futurist, with over 2 decades experience in the wellness industry, he knows the business of wellness inside and out; what methods are sustainable & what training is simply hot air.

Now, he wants to help you unlock your own potential to become the powerful, impactful and profound wellness leader he knows you’re capable of being.

“Our Mission is to transform the Wellness Industry, one wellness leader at a time. We know when wellness leaders are educated to become heart centered leaders and build successful businesses, their positive impact grows and the world transforms for the better. Our job is to freely distribute cutting edge training and strategies to create authentic wellness leaders and serve up a bigger chunk of the trillion dollar wellness industry profit to those wellness leaders who are on the ground doing the hard work with people in need all over the world.”


Grab our special bonus too!
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Get the entire 5 part bonus series once you attend the event!

We believe that all wellness business owners must learn how to deliver online presentations, trainings and webinars.

There are now billions of health and wellness searches on Google every single year, and if you’re not showing up properly you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to make a bigger income and a bigger difference.

In the 5 part series you’ll learn:

  • 3 golden keys to filling your webinars with hundreds of eager registrants looking for wellness advice
  • How to earn 10 x your $ hourly rate in just one webinar session.
  • How to design a beautiful wellness webinar slide deck to replicate for every future webinar
  • How to attract 10 x the amount of clients using half the amount of time, money and effort.
  • How to have more time freedom, financial freedom and location freedom by teaching more of what you love!

Virtual Velocity is one of our most popular
high level, exclusive “Masters” trainings of all time.

Recieve life time access when you register & attend the
Wellness Leadership Revolution now!


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London, ca


Early Bird Price $47
(Normally $150)



April 4 – 5

Early Bird Price $97
(Normally $300)




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In light of the disruptions caused by COVID-19, all upcoming live Wellness Leadership Revolution events have been postponed until further notice.

However, now, more than ever, wellness business owners need the information taught at the WLR event.

So, we have decided to run an online live version of the Wellness Leadership Revolution event. So stay tuned, as we will be announcing the dates for these online live events soon.

We thank you for your understanding during this time.

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